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Snore Stopper SS650 Snore Stopper SS650 Snore Stopper SS650

Snore Stopper SS650

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Snoring Stopper™ - Is a Revolutionary Device to Reduce Snoring

Being the revolutionary device designed to reduce snoring through a patent nerve stimulation process, Snoring Stopper features a specially designed biosensor with logic control IC. It detects the snoring, and a gentle, then the 4-second electrical pulse will be sent automatically to motivate nerves on the skin. In this way, the brain senses nerve stimulation and remind or train you to change the sleeping posture.

Additional Advantages of Snore Stopper from Health Vision

There are numerous advantages associated with the amazing device. Some of the latest advantages include:

  • Detecting Snores Automatically and smooth pulse without disturbing normal sleep
  • Not an affect, if any button presses at the same time of sleeping
  • Latest time-keeping device shape and automatic power-off after 12 hours of activation.

Its working process is also smart as it detects snoring after three or more consecutive snore, then small electronic pulse applied to skin with natural reflection and then snore alerts sleeping position. In this way, the snore stops.

Get the Right Solution for Your Snoringn Problems 

Experts Opinions on Snore Stopper
Snore Stopper is a "working innovation" that effectively reduces snoring and bring positive changes to the lives of snorers and their families. We dare to guarantee the effect because Snore Stopper has been proved clinically working by certified medical physicians in Taiwan.

Snore Stopper™ is designed to naturally coach your body to gradually decrease the snoring problem.

Therefore you must use the Snore Stopper™ on a daily basis according to instructions. As your body adjusts, you will begin to see significant results after 2-3 weeks. You will soon wake up to each day feeling energized and refreshed! Happy and ready to face your daily tasks. . .

Initial Curve Shape Biphase Square-wave pulse
Pulse Duration s 40~250μ
Pulse Frequency 1~120Hz
Output Voltage Max. 90 vpp (at 500 ohm)
Output Current Max. 180mApp (at 500 ohm)
Power Supply 3x AAA battery
Treatment Time Adjustable from 5 to 90 Minutes
Intensity Adjustable from 0~15
Operation Conditions 10°C~40°C (50°F~104°F) ; 30~85% RH
Operating ranges 10°C~ 40°C , R.H. =90%
Storage Conditions -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F) ; 10~95% RH
Size 100x72x22.5 mm (incl. Intensity Adjust Knob)

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