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Snore Stopper Watch

Snore Stopper SS650
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Snore Stopper SS650

Snoring Stopper™ - Is a Revolutionary Device to Reduce Snoring Being the revolutio..


According to doctors, for the duration of sleeping, your muscles get into relaxed state. And snoring occurs when throat muscles are too relaxed. Snoring occurs due to fatigue, Obesity or aging and sometimes similar other reason.

Do you know that snore is the main reason behind the high blood pressure and it may also cause impotence in male? In addition to this, the blood oxygen level in a normal individual and a person with obstructive sleep apnea can be different that may be risky to severe health problems.

If you want to enjoy your silent night again or want to stop snoring, then it is essential for you to consult with doctor or get some good decisions to say goodbye to snoring. They also remark that snoring can be an early warning of a dangerous and fatal medical condition that is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


Effects of Snoring – Essential to Know


Weight gain, headache in morning, excessive day time sleepiness, awakening in the morning (not feeling rested) and awaking at night feeling confused are some of the effects of snoring. Not forget to mention change in your level of attention, concentration or memory.

Not forget to mention the severe side effects that may also cause because of snoring.

 High blood pressure, safety issues at home, job and on the road, negative mood and behavior, decreased productivity, etc are some severe side effects that may cause due to snoring. You need anti snoring devices and treatment to live a healthy and snoring free life.


Snoring Treatment


The common treatment is some changes in the sleeping position or a slight nudge by the bed mate. However, snore stopper are also available in the market.


Snore Guards and Snore Stop Watch


With an aim to provide you the best sleeping experience, especially snore free, we at Health Vision we have come up with snore guards and snore stop watch. The amazing and innovative snore stopper has been developed after concept of biofeedback.

You can Say Goodbye this problem without using any drug. Health Vision has come up with advanced and innovative snoring treatment and stop snoring devices.


Stop Snoring For Healthier Lifestyle from Health Vision


What can be better and healthier for you than a sound, quiet and relaxed sleep after a stressful and hectic day? A relaxed sleep not only ensures your good health, but also keeps you energetic for the next day. Stop snoring devices help you in getting rid of snoring in the most effective way.


How Snore Stopper Work:


When the snore sound is more than 55 db and in a row more than 3 times, Snore stopper detect the snore and spawns a scarcely noticeable 5 second impulse onto the superficial skin. By this Biofeedback, the snorer then changes his/her sleeping position; thus helps to increase the throat muscle tension back to normal. Snore Stopper is a safe and innovative device giving you snore free or reduced snoring sleeps within 1 to 2 weeks. The snore stopper is free from pain, drug and side effects.

Feel free give us a call or send us a mail for snore stopper and snore guards and rest of the work will be done by us. Our health experts at Health Vision provide you precise information and a booklet that contain instructions and the ways to use it.