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Tens/EMS & Massager

TEN/EMS & Massage machine
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TEN/EMS & Massage machine

Digital TENS/EMS & Massage Machine for everyone. -TGA Approved  Suitable ..


Are you looking for the advanced and innovative TENS, EMS and Massager in Australia to get rid of chronic pain or for the pain treatment at your home?

Or, do you want some instant benefits during chronic pain treatment? If yes, then TENS Machine, EMS and Massager will be the right option for you.

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is the right, safe and successful to alleviate pain and provide you maximum comfort.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS has been in use for a long time and counted as the wide spread and commonly used way in sports and fitness fields. EMS is also utilized as supplement and the conventional muscle training that helps in increasing the efficiency of the muscle group; while adapts physical proportions to the desired aesthetic results.

The Health Vision's TENS, EMS & Massager named PURE CARE - PL 982 will be the right device for you with amazing features, high performance and comfort.



PURE Care PL 982 – Is It Effective?



With total 30 programs in which 10 different programs in each type (TENS, EMS and Massage); while 9 programs in each type are preset or pre-programmed by doctors. In this way, using it for the first time means, no need to do hit and trial. Not forget to mention one program that is available for individuals to program as per their demand and requirement.

Being the portable device, it is to use and can be taken anywhere. Whether you want to use it indoor, outdoors and anywhere else, it will fit easily anywhere, even in your pocket.

For those suffering from severe pain or have the problem of chronic back pain, frozen shoulders or any other similar problem, just give him/her the innovative product; so that he/she can enjoy the life – pain free life.

For those looking for hand-free massage for pain relief in a natural way without using drugs, needles or applying cream or gel, PURE CARE – PL 982 is an ideal option for them.

It is free from the possibility of any side-effect that has become the necessity of personal care. PURE CARE 982 is alienated into three parts – an operating unit, connecting wires and electrode pads massage belt and magnetic as well as electrodes shoes. They are applied to the specific body areas to get maximum benefits. With our electrode pads, you can manage the treatment according to the pain level to get maximum benefits. The amazing TENS Massager brings you numerous added benefits.

PURE CARE – PL 982 electrode pads are placed directly on the embattled area through regular contractions of the muscles. In this way, they are helpful in speeding up micro-circulation in company with promoting the absorption of inflammatory substances.



Buy TENS Machine and get some additional benefits mentioned below.



It is a needle free acupuncture helps in the treatment from acupuncture points to unblock the blockage of blood refer to placement points in the acupuncture chart or manual, especially when you are treating the targeted area. Not forget to mention natural pain relief technique helping in kindling the production of endorphins that is natural pain killed in the body.

TENS EMS & Massager – PURE CARE PL 982 is also a natural antibody effective in stimulating the production of antibody that is natural antibiotics improving blood circulation. Moreover, it is also helpful in reducing inflammation by circulating inflammatory substances out of body.

According to health experts, it is helpful in increasing the natural energy stimulating from acupuncture points; thus helps in improving micro-circulation of body parts to boost the natural energy level. Active muscle toning through electronic pulses similar to those produced by the brain to stimulate muscle tissue for the duration of active exercise and delivering a vigorous work out to improve muscle tone and performance.

It is also a good way of stress relief as The Pure Care 982 offers pre-programmed modes designed to stimulate a soothing massage at the muscle-tissue level. These devices that are counted as innovative Chinese therapy device are perfect for pain management to increase energy, fitness and wellness in the most effective way.

If compared to other medications and machines, TENS, EMS and Massage make a remarkable and amazing combination in providing the best treatment and solution in pain treatment. They are specifically designed and developed for general people. With the motive of making them more advanced, the technical team of Health Vision always does innovations and keeps the machines to the top standards.



PURE CARE PL 982 from Health Vision – A Miracle for Personal Self-Care



Simply get a single session massage from a therapist means, you will have to spend around $ 75 and more. Buy TENS Machine and you need not pay so much. The portable hands-free TENS EMS & Massager paves the way to enjoy unlimited soothing massage at your home without visiting a therapist.



TENS Machine in Australia – Health Vision's PURE CARE PL 982 Is for You



There are numerous advantages are associated with this amazing, advanced and innovative machine. It is light and multi-functional product designed according to the market demand.

It comes with 3-AAA batteries; in this way, there is no need of power points to charge. You can take it anywhere anytime for use.

For those people who have to spend maximum time in field or have some hard work and they feel pain in back or anywhere else, the wonderful TENS Massager is the right device for them that helps in alleviating all types of pain from chronic to acute.

It is a natural and humanized therapy without injection or medicine that can relieve pain and aches effectively. Especially in the busy life schedule, it is an ideal way. 



Benefits of Health Vision's TEMS EMS & Massage



It is known for providing quick response; however the response varies from individuals. It is healthy and free from any use of drug and chemicals. You have access to pain relief 24 hours a day.

Some added benefits include portable, affordable, simple to use, therapy at home, perfect health gift, effective relief and a lot more.

This TENS & EMS massager endows with effective results that are equipped with advanced technology. It sends out manifold predetermined electrical therapeutic waves through the electrodes. These waves are helpful in motivating the mixture of deep tissue pain relief techniques and a variety of muscle movements, alleviating muscle tension.

Utilising the essential principles of acupuncture points, the Health Vision's Pure Care 92 can help to alleviate tension and symptoms connected with many health conditions and common health problems. It can also support in humanizing your immunity and nutrition transportation. The therapeutic duration is 2 to 3 times a day for 20 to 60 minutes for over ten days for one course of treatment. It is essential for personal self-care treatment over recovery in your own home.

In order to buy TENS Machine, what all you need to do is simply give us a call or send us a mail. Our main motive is to provide you the best solutions and support to enjoy a pain free life.

So, what you are waiting for, get the best chronic pain treatment and frozen shoulder treatment with TENS Machine from Health Vision.